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Talk lover into k9 sex

Suddenly and without any thought, she opens her lips just a little and kiss him back, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth to make contact with her own tongue.

What started as an innocent kiss is quickly developing into a romantic gesture, she even finds herself caressing the back of his neck with one hand and scratching his belly with the other.

With her eyes back on the road, she increases her efforts between her legs as the intensity of the feeling down there grows. She lets out a loud groan when it finally courses through her body, making sure to keep her eyes open, but her attention is not as it should be.

Kim has never tried masturbating while driving before, but it is making her feel exhilaration and her mouth opens to allow gasps of pleasure to escape her lungs.

She decides to suck them clean and to taste her juices, something she’d never tried before, but seemed so right in that moment.

A little while later she arrives at her destination.

As her step-mother Sue opens the door so they can go inside, they are greeted by Kim’s parents massive Great Dane Duke, who pushes past Kim’s father looking for Sue’s attention.

She crouches down to hug him, giving him a lot of affection.

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Kim is happy to be home again and Duke got used to her making Kim fond of him in the process.